Working conceptually and spatially I´m engaging in questions concerning mysticism, universal meaning and cultural change. Aesthetically my works span from minimal and functional to random and organic. Lack of information, absence, induce a selfconscious, reflective mode – the contemplative transcending the intellectual. Everything existing is a mystery. The materials of the art work or the space where it´s placed is principally more interesting than the art-work itself.




Shopping For Ideas
Geir Haraldseth, 2012

The Critic’s body
Esperanza Rosales, 2012


Du sköna nya värld *
Joakim Borda, Kunskritikk.no, 2010

Det utvidete utsyn *
Julie Lillelien Porter, Ytter.no, 2010

Veggen, støvet og kosmos *
Trond Borgen, Stavanger Aftenblad, 2006

* Norwegian / Swedish